Pocus Whiteface

Sun 8th Apr 2012

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Pocus Whiteface is the last band I was in. There's a tonne of music links on that site and all the lyrics for our albums. We did some videos that I'm really proud of and Joe (on drums) did some great recordings. The songs were a collaborative process too. I ended up designing the website from scratch since there was no framework for bands I could find that wouldn't be massively over-engineered. It's been put together to allow the tracks to all be linked through to releases and the news items, and for the news items to also be sent as emails to the mailing list and to interlink the 'news' feed at the start. Tracks can be assigned to multiple releases and so forth.

Will designed the artwork items that are in use all over the site and most of the covers. The main elements come from the artwork he put together for our Chuck Yeager EP:

There were 15 copies made of this on vinyl 10" platters, hand-lathed by our friend Doug, with some incredible stitching work by our friend Kelly. Here's how they looked: