London Progressive Journal

Mon 29th Apr 2013

Posted under:WebsitesDevelopment
London Progressive Journal was started in 2008 by a friend of mine, and although he is no longer involved, I still run and develop the website. It's an independent Left-Wing blog, first conceived to be a weekly publication, so that every Friday a single page went up with just the content from the entire site, split into two columns. It was an interesting concept that ultimately failed to really generate enough interest and also forced a lot of pressure on the editor to produce the same number of articles every week on a deadline. So it was later changed to run in the standard blog tradition.

The current Logo is probably the boldest we've used on the site. Initial development was done with Ruby on Rails and I found it to be fast, if a little foreign to me as a PHP/C-style programmer. However, as the project became more complex and needed to be better to maintain, I simply couldn't justify the learning time required to keep up to date with Ruby on Rails, particularly for such a non-intensive site. So I transitioned to PHP and I have been happier with it ever since.

I plan to work in a Reactive Web Design style to it soon.