Albums of 2013 - Preview

Looks like Albums of 2013 will be going ahead in full podcast style but not 'til January/Feb next year, due to my being out of the country. So here's a little consideration of the year just as we close it up. I'm still considering on Julianna Barwick and Kvelertak. I put a list together of stuff I was finding on Spotify (unless I forgot to add it, of course) from 2013. Here are 24 of the releases I bought this year (which is most of them):

And here's the Spotify list of albums I had a listen to this year from 2013:

A large number of albums in there I just didn't get into at all. I started to make a note of the ones I did buy in a separate list but not everything is on Spotify so it's a bit less useful. I didn't end up really going for the Dutch Uncles album at all this year, despite loving their 2010 effort. Special mention goes to These New Puritans for producing an album I actively hated, but I'll see if in 5 years I'm singing its praises, because this year I bought Grouper's "The Man Who Died In His Boat", which is from the same sessions as 2008's "Dragging a Dead Deer up a Hill". AZ put that one in his list in 2008 and my reception was, "meh".