Kindle vs Kobo

Wed 3rd Dec 2014
A few months back, after two and a half years of use, my Kindle died with half the screen freezing with the lock screen image for evermore. Out of warranty, I rang up Amazon to be told the best they could offer was £10 off a refurbished model, which is probably pretty good value, all things considered. However, I'd become increasingly worried about the moral aspect of sticking with Amazon thanks... [read more]

Game of Thrones Season 4 Finalé and the Books

Tue 17th Jun 2014
As you might imagine from the title, this blog will contain spoilers for anyone who's not read up to A Dance with Dragons and, somewhat incredibly, also for anyone who's not seen the final episode of Season 4 of Game of Thrones, Ep 10.... [read more]

Albums of the Year 2013 - Four Stooges

Thu 23rd Jan 2014
The 2013 album podcast is now done: Last.FM Page for the 2013 Podcast In the end I used the same recording setup as the previous year and that made mixing down a pretty quick job. There are a few points where the dialogue is a bit hard to hear but I couldn't really get around that: we just had the music up a bit loud and weren't talking above it enough. The main issue was deciding on a top 10.... [read more]