Perilous Wood 1.0


A Very Simple Turn-Based RPG

This is an attempt at a turn-based RPG, somewhat in the style of Rogue/Nethack by way of tile-based board games like Mystic Wood.

Game Screen

Game Screen

The standard game screen has a header bar that allows you to start a new game, restore an existing game (by entering the unique ID) end the current game (with the option to store the score) or delete the current game (no score is kept).

The first block is the grey information pane that contains the title for where you are, the description, if any, and any other messages that you need to know about, e.g. what the other objects, if any, on the tile are. Below that comes the overhead view of where you are (any important features will be clickable), the local area map of where you are, and a box with your stats.

The most important thing is you. This is you: You! You are only allowed to be female because making a male avatar would have been too complex.


Each level has one entrance (where you'll start, obviously) and one exit, and there are a few extra locations that might crop up: a healing spring, a method for identifying items, and maybe something else. Levels are randomly generated when you enter and are all square, of varying size along the axis, and have one type of terrain. Each tile has one to four exits/entrances and you select the direction in which you want to leave the tile by clicking the red triangle: (,,,). By default you will walk but if you have sufficient energy, you can first select to run or sneak. These will cost more energy and will affect game time but they will help you to build your character's abilities.

Your character's abilities are represented by a Physical stat and a Wits stat. Next to them are bars showing how close you are to gaining another level in each of these stats. Your actions through the game will positively feedback into these stats.

  • Phys will be used for combat and health related problems.
  • Wits will be used for evasion and spotting hidden things.

You eat food automatically to keep your energy levels high and when your energy levels are high you will regain health as you move around. When energy is too low you will lose health as you move around, so it is possible to die of hunger.

You will encounter creatures as you progress through the game. Creatures can be:

  • Hidden, in which case you will only notice them if your wits is high enough;
  • Peaceful, in which case you will never be attacked, although they will defend themselves.

If you want to try to escape a creature you find, it will be easier to run back the way you've come or, if you have high Wits you could try sneaking past. If the creature attacks you, you will be given the option to try to retreat but this will always result in a loss of health (never enough to kill you outright).

If you find the Necklace you win!

The technical stuff

  • Written entirely using PHP, HTML, CSS and MySQL, apart from a couple of bits of JavaScript to give you an 'are you sure?' box.
  • In keeping with this basic sort of setup, nothing is particularly pretty here, with the graphics mostly of an MS Paint standard.
  • No personal information is stored (beyond whatever you name yourself on the scoreboard) so each game that is started is referenced by a unique ID.
  • Anyone with your unique game ID can continue playing your game, although it seems unlikely they'd find the ID without you telling them.
  • At the end of each turn your game is saved back to the database with the game's public ID as the key to all parts.
  • If you are dead at the end of a turn then your game will be deleted and you can enter your name on the scoreboard, but there's no way to go back to that game.