Perilous Wood 1.0


Some Tactics, Hints and Game Mechanics

After some kind people on Drowned in Sound playtested, I realised there probably needs to be a page with some tactics and more detailed information about how the game works.

General Tactics

  • Pick up a weapon and equip it as soon as you get one and it'll put the odds in your favour.
  • Armour likewise.
  • Not all creatures will want to attack you do so be careful of attacking bigger creatures that you would assume are docile.
  • Some creatures hide and you will need good wits to see them.
  • You can change your movement to be run or sneak and they will help avoiding creatures logically.
  • Hoard food. Obvious creatures you kill will supply corpses to eat. One creature leaves a disased corpse.
  • The creatures get more dangerous the more levels you go through and the more powerful you are.

Weapons & Armour

  • Weapons get better the bigger they are, in this order:
    1. Knife
    2. Club
    3. Short Sword
    4. Flail
    5. Axe
    6. Longsword
  • There are magical weapons and these are better versions of the standard type, but you won't know unless you identify them.
  • There are also cursed weapons. You'll know they are cursed if you equip them and try to unequip them or identify them.
  • You can combine armour with a shield.
    1. Leather
    2. Chain
    3. Plate
    4. Black Plate / Elven Chain
  • Again, magical and cursed versions exist

Healing & Items

  • Every Level has a shrine (for identifying items and removing cursed items) and a healing fountain.
  • However, they can be inaccessible, due to the random map creation. This is intentional.
  • For three types of terrain there is a specific item that can make exits through to inaccessible areas.
  • On the first four levels the creatures are made less powerful, particularly the first level, so don't assume that a creature defeated in the first level will be as easy in the second.
  • If you can identify healing scrolls or potions in your possession then you'll automatically use them in combat if you're going to die.
  • Your wits will be used to avoid traps and also to avoid damage from traps.
  • The final level could be the 11th to 19th but if it's not one of those it has to be the 20th.