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What can you say about a blog? Intense navel-gazing? Yeah, probably. The posts here include stuff about websites I've built and also background to other parts of this site, and also bits about music and general development.

Four Stooges 2017 Albums of the year

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Wed 14th Mar 2018
We actually recorded this one back at the end of January but we weren't entirely happy with how it turned out. Two of us in Aus in the evening and two in the UK hungover and not drinking didn't really help the 'zing' go But here it is The tracks are mostly on Spotify R:... [read more]

Albums of the Year 2016

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Wed 8th Feb 2017
Albums of the year 2016 is a bit different to previous years because AZ now resides in Australia, so we had to use Skype to do the get together, but the format remains the same: one track each in order from each of our 10 favourite albums of the year. Recording was tricker: Skype on a computer can only take a single input, which meant I couldn't mix down the mic from the room where we were... [read more]

Albums of the Year 2015

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Tue 26th Jan 2016
I've been slack, very very slack. We recorded this on the 28th December but it's taken me a month to get it up and listed. In previous years I've put things on the journal but it seems like they've completely sidelined it with the new makeover. So here it is, in all its glory, 4 MP3s covering about 4 hours of blether as we, me, AKZ, Raul and Tom, each pick our favourite albums... [read more]

2014 Albums of the year with the Four Stooges

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Fri 2nd Jan 2015
Okay, Just noted that I didn't have the 2014 albums in here! From: This year there are 6 MP3s to cover the whole brutal 3 hours and 40 minutes of drunken rambling. You can download them here: Choices... [read more]

I Have Written an HTML Game Called 'Perilous Wood'

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Sat 30th Aug 2014
Over the last year I've been creating a game using just PHP, MySQL and HTML. The inspiration came from reading the Eloquent Javascript site at, which contains at least one game in its examples, leading me to wonder what sort of game you could make within an HTML construct. Clearly purely HTML would have been a fairly limited series of yes/no questions, so I reasoned PHP and... [read more]

Game of Thrones Season 4 Finalé and the Books

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Tue 17th Jun 2014
As you might imagine from the title, this blog will contain spoilers for anyone who's not read up to A Dance with Dragons and, somewhat incredibly, also for anyone who's not seen the final episode of Season 4 of Game of Thrones, Ep 10.... [read more]

Learning to Program Android

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Thu 23rd Jan 2014
This is a blog I plan to add to as I go along. I've been running using the developer tutorials that Android provide here: As yet they are either due to be brought up to date or they expect anyone trying to learn to program Android to be together enough to deal with the differences between the latest version of Android in Eclipse and what... [read more]

Albums of the Year 2013 - Four Stooges

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Thu 23rd Jan 2014
The 2013 album podcast is now done: Last.FM Page for the 2013 Podcast In the end I used the same recording setup as the previous year and that made mixing down a pretty quick job. There are a few points where the dialogue is a bit hard to hear but I couldn't really get around that: we just had the music up a bit loud and weren't talking above it enough. The main issue was deciding on a top 10.... [read more]

Writing the Review 31 API

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Mon 13th Jan 2014
In order to create a mobile app for Review 31, we need an API to allow the application to communicate with the site and pull data from it. There is no user interaction to speak of at Review31: comments are allowed if you sign up but have never really been used and will probably be phased out in the next major revision (Facebook comments are proving more popular, unsurprisingly). I used the... [read more]

Albums of 2013 - Preview

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Fri 6th Dec 2013
Looks like Albums of 2013 will be going ahead in full podcast style but not 'til January/Feb next year, due to my being out of the country. So here's a little consideration of the year just as we close it up. I'm still considering on Julianna Barwick and Kvelertak. I put a list together of stuff I was finding on Spotify (unless I forgot to add it, of course) from 2013. Here are 24 of the releases... [read more]